WATCH: Anti-Trump Snowflake Drops HILARIOUS Rant That Goes VIRAL…Humiliates Every Liberal Alive!

The reactions of some of Hillary’s supporters to her defeat has gone beyond ridiculous. These people are making utter idiots out of themselves with their wailing and screaming as though the most horrible of possible calamities has befallen them. It started out to be a bit amusing, but has now moved beyond that to the point of being nauseating.

Perhaps these liberal extremists live in very small worlds held together only by their faith in the ever increasing presence of the welfare state and other liberal creations. In that case, their solution is to step out of their insular surroundings and discover that there is more to life than a world filled with Obamas and Clintons. This would indeed by a startling realization for these deprived folks.

While not arguing against the enormous significance of Mr. Trump’s victory, we will observe that these silly outbursts of emotion are such that we are almost embarrassed for these people. None of this looks emotionally healthy. One almost wonders if this phenomenon will trigger a new classification of illness by the psychiatry profession – something like “Clinton Defeat Syndrome.” Regardless, we now have some new insanity to gawk at.

Enjoy this charming video:

The screaming and wailing by some Clinton supporters as they have reacted to Mr. Trump’s victory and inauguration is both ridiculous and disturbing. That people can become so unhinged by Mrs. Clinton’s defeat that they need “safe spaces” to mourn her loss just makes them look pathetic and unbalanced. Breaking down in public in dramatic displays of uncontrolled emotions is just the sort of thing one would stare at dumbfounded.

With that in mind, “Our latest entrant in the histrionics sweepstakes came courtesy of a woman in what appeared to be a terminally trendy coffee shop. I’m hoping she’s ordering the decaf, because she seems to be desperately in need of what the psychiatric profession would term a ‘pharmaceutical intervention.’”

In expressing her angst, this women, “appeared to be working out her white guilt using primal scream therapy on her hapless, beleaguered African-American barista,” shouting exclamations such as, “And like, I want everything for you! Like, everything you want right now, I want it!”

No doubt what the barista would have liked would have been for this loony woman to order her coffee, pay for it, and go away. As a matter of fact we feel just the same way about such unbalanced supporters of Mrs. Clinton.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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