Another SCOTUS Opening? You Won’t Believe Liberals’ Plans To Destroy Trump’s Future Pick…The Left Has Completely LOST IT!

With Donald Trump’s latest and arguably the most important announcement that he has made in his presidency, the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch as Supreme Court Justice has sent the left into a complete meltdown.

But not at all in the way you would suspect. Sure, there’s been some protesters standing outside of the Supreme Court, but their latest concerns and plans are beyond surprising.

As the spotlight turns on the Senate Judiciary hearings for Judge Gorsuch, as well as the Supreme Court in general, the left has now targeted Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Liberals are now all of sudden, concerned about her health status for the next four to possibly eight years.

The goal: keep her alive so Trump doesn’t have a chance to nominate anyone else to the Supreme Court!

From Mad World News:

According to the San Francisco Gate, liberals were finally able to put two and two together, realizing that far left policies and complete government control won’t be possible without control of the Supreme Court. That left liberals pondering whether Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the elderly liberal Supreme Court Justice, could “eat more kale” and stay healthy throughout the Trump presidency…

Apparently, liberals are concerned that Ginsburg is in poor health. “I’m very interested in this,” says Jeanette Bavwidinski, a community organizer in Pennsylvania. “I’m interested in what her daily regimen is. Like, what are you all feeding RBG? Is she getting enough fresh air? Is she walking? Is she staying low-stress? What is she reading? Is she reading low-stress things?”

All this seems a little cruel, especially since the position held by Ginsburg is one which commands respect. Of course, she is a liberal, but all this phony concern about her health is only because liberals don’t want to see Trump appoint a second Supreme Court justice. None of it is the result of actual concern for a woman who did so much for their political side of the aisle. Liberals are kind of a sad bunch of humans. 

Bear in mind that their concern is not for Justice Ginsburg the human being, but Justice Ginsburg, the justice we don’t want dying on us to give Trump another conservative Supreme Court nomination chance. Along with that, there are other liberal justices on the Supreme Court that are close in age to Justice Ginsburg, so it’s interesting that they’ve already determined who’s next in line to go. Remember, the death of Justice Scalia was a shock to the world.

This just goes to show that liberals are not the compassionate group America pictures them to be!

Source: Mad World News

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