BREAKING: Another Huge Company Keeps Jobs in US…Even Trump Is Amazed!

Mr. Trump has only been in office for four days, and the results as relates to job creation are already astonishing. Actually, the announcements of factory expansions and decisions to keep production in the US, as opposed to moving it abroad started not long after Mr. Trump’s election. Could it be that there has been interest all along on the part of firms to expand and hire in the US, with that interest frustrated by the anti-business policies of the Obama administration?

This could very well be. Money tends to flow to where it is treated best. And if a jurisdiction wishes to work against wealth creation, then that money will tend to flow to jurisdictions that have pro-business, pro-growth policies. Consider that Mr. Obama and his Democrats draw heavy support from government workers and those who depend on government funding for their livelihoods. Hence by increasing their number, the Democratic Party is strengthened. Never mind that there would be no government were there not a robust private sector creating wealth that could be taxed to support it. Liberals appear to assume that business will continue on regardless of what government might do to obstruct it. They are beyond incorrect.

With the continuous announcements of firms planning either to build new facilities or expand existing facilities and employment, it would seem that the departure of Mr. Obama and his replacement by Mr. Trump in and of itself has had a positive impact on business optimism, and hence the willingness of businesses to expand domestic operations. This is nothing but good news for Americans looking for work opportunities and job security. With that background, we are not surprised to learn of yet another business ramping up its operations and hiring workers in the US.

That firm is in the grocery business. “One of the nation’s largest grocery chains has announced it is adding up to 10,000 new employees as it plans expansion in the new era of Trump.” That grocery chain would be Kroger which already employs 430,000 in the US. It is also a firm that anticipates further growth.

That’s good to hear. But even better are the hiring plans announced by other firms for 2017: “Like Kroger, Walmart also announced it intends to add 10,000 jobs to its workforce. General Motors,, Bayer AG, and a long list of others have also announced plans to add new jobs and increase investments in the U.S.”

These positive announcements are happening as, “the Trump administration begins to deploy its America First agenda.” That comes as no surprise. Money apparently has decided that it will be treated well in the US. Hence you can expect it to flow into investments in domestic industries. And that’s the really good news for Americans.

As you can see, Trump has already done some amazing things. Here are our most recent posts on other job commitments in the United States after Trump won the election:

Chalk up yet another win for Mr. Trump!

Source: Breitbart

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