Busted: Another Bombshell Dropped on Clinton Foundation…Even Hillary Is Stunned!

We’ve all seen and dealt with the pathetic double standards that the media has created between Democrats and Republicans. Any scent of scandal on the right means that we will hear a month’s worth of condemnation from the mainstream media. However, any abhorrent actions on the left are swept under the rug.

Currently, the mainstream media frantically screams ‘conflict of interest’ anytime president-elect Trump has a successful business deal and continues to harass him, even after he shut down his foundation. Yet, Hillary’s long-proven record of theft, shady deals, and selling United States’ interests to the highest bidder has, regretfully, faded into the background.

Until now.

As Proud Conservative reports, Peter Schweizer, journalist and HRC-corruption expert, is calling for a federal investigation into one of Hillary’s worst and most destructive deals – selling land and uranium drilling rights to Russia and Putin himself. The price? 145 million dollars. And your soul, assuming some of it is left.

The deal itself went through way back in 2009 – signed by none other than Barack Obama, mind you – and might have remained under the radar were it not for courageous and thorough investigators like Schweizer.  His work, in conjunction with conservative media’s efforts to combat bias and expose HRC’s corruption, made Hillary’s history of pay-to-play politics a center-stage topic during the election, much to the anguish and regret of mainstream media. The American people owe him and his compatriots a debt of thanks.

With the historic election of Trump, some of Schweizer’s discoveries fell by the wayside, since HRC’s politics and methods were no longer a threat to the United States. But Schweizer, thankfully, isn’t finished. He’s leading the charge to investigate Hillary for all of the damage she’s done to the government and the country through each one of these shady and unethical deals.

Justice, it seems, might still be served.

Schweizer’s summary of the situation couldn’t be clearer: …we are talking about a fundamental issue of national security, which is uranium — it’s not like oil and gas… There are precious few places you can mine for uranium. In the United States is one of those areas. And we are talking about the Russian government. A lot of people don’t realize it now, in parts of the Midwest, American soil is owned by Vladimir Putin’s government because this deal went through. And in addition to the $145 million, Bill Clinton got half a billion dollars.

Recap, just so we’re clear – Hillary Rodham Clinton, Democratic party nominee for president of the great United States of America, sold portions of this great nation to a foreign power, in a way that risked our national security, for riches and personal gain, and then tucked it under the rug for well over six years. And this was the best the Democrats could give us to lead the country.

Thank God for Trump’s victory. And more power to Schweizer, and the federal investigation that might finally convict Hillary for her criminal past.

Source: Proud Conservative

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