President Trump Drops Awesome Announcement About Sheriff David Clarke…Americans Are Cheering!

There are several reasons why the left hates President Trump and is creating all sorts of malicious and false narratives in desperate attempts to destroy his presidency, and in their dreams, force him from office. For one thing, his election humiliated both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, an unforgivable offense if there ever was one.

For another thing, his appointment of conservatives as he “drains the swamp” is causing the left to throw fits as they see the leverage they had in various agencies as well as the courts being decimated. Of course, his willingness to get combative with the left-wing press creates yet another powerful set of enemies.

President Trump is not letting up either. He just appointed outspoken and staunch pro-life conservative Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee to the position of as an assistant secretary in the Department of Homeland Security. In this job he will work “as a liaison to state, local, and tribal law enforcement agencies.”

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One leftist who is throwing a fit is “Phillip McNamara, who is out of a job as Clarke takes over his position. McNamara is a whiner who is freaking out about Trump cleaning house. ‘So much for Sheriff Clarke’s ability to work with #Democratic governors and mayors, he is too polarizing and calls critics #snowflakes,’ McNamara said.”

This is not a man who is easily intimidated, and he calls things the way he sees them. Hence the left despises him. “Clarke’s father was a paratrooper, and he grew up in Milwaukee. He is a staunch pro-life advocate, calling Planned Parenthood ‘Planned Genocide.’ He has spoken extensively against the Black Lives Matter movement, referring to it as ‘Black Lies Matter’ and describing the movement as a hate group.”

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Clarke can be expected to clean house at the DHS, rooting out Obama holdovers who are contributing to the attacks on President Trump. He’s a perfect candidate to do just that.

Congratulations on your new job, Sheriff Clarke. We’re very encouraged and looking forward to great things from you.

Source: Mad World News

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