Americans Vote On Who’s To Blame For DC Gridlock — Do You Agree With Results?

Gridlock! If you’ve heard that term before, you’re probably from New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago, Austin, Atlanta, or Los Angeles. Or, chances are, you’re from Washington DC, where the word “gridlock” takes on a whole new meaning!

For normal, everyday working Americans, Washington DC is a pit of vipers where nothing good comes from that Swamp except a government shutdown or an announcement of a retirement! For the endangered species of the Left-Handed Democrats and Swamp RINOs, however, “America just doesn’t understand the subtle nuances of politics-as-usual inside the Beltway.”

The Fake News Industrial Complex has gone to the extreme corners of the country to try and convince America that our president is the problem, while Democrats use the “I”-word (impeachment) almost as much as they use the word “racist” on the floor of the Senate and House. The RINOs, however, thought they could just skate by unnoticed as they continued their passive-aggressive thwarting of Trump’s agenda. A new poll suggests that the RINOs may be in for some very bad news!

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Allen B. West:

A new poll for Republicans and Republican-leaning voters, posted on Twitter by Tony Fabrizio, Trump’s pollster during the 2016 presidential campaign, reveals they are losing faith in Congress faster than they are in Trump.

Since taking office, Trump’s approval numbers among Republicans has only slipped slightly. On the other hand, Republican support of the GOP Congress has tumbled 14% in just a few months. The numbers suggest that instead of Trump, many Republican voters assign blame to the GOP congress for the lack of progress. For those that believe distancing themselves from Trump will help them, polls are showing the exact opposite.

The slide comes at the same time as the GOP effort to repeal Obamacare failed in the Senate. During that vote, three establishment Republicans parted ways with the GOP and voted no on the bill. However, that move appears to have been extremely unpopular with the base.

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In all, Trump’s agenda still enjoys broad support among the electorate. Instead of distancing themselves from the president, the GOP establishment should work with him to pass the much needed reforms they’ve been promising for years. If they don’t, they could end up facing the backlash of Republican voters.

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If you recall, it was not three weeks ago that Mitch McConnell responded to President Trump’s rant about things not getting done in the Senate for the healthcare bill, that “The President is not used to politics in Washington. He doesn’t understand how difficult it is to get things done.”

Personally, I would lay down the law for Senator McConnell. “Look, buddy, you may think that you’re untouchable, but let me tell you. You wouldn’t have a job if it wasn’t for me. And don’t expect that you’ll have an easy time of it this round, because if I have a little jet problem the day I’m supposed to come and speak on your behalf, the people are gonna know EXACTLY what that means when I don’t show up. So, keep that little gem in mind next time you call a vote.”

Source: Allen B. West

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