Americans Are Stunned To Learn That Obama Just Cashed In An Easy $1.2 Million For…

If they don’t manage to get rich while in office, presidents have no problem collecting big money after they’re out of office.

There are all sorts of ways ex-leaders can earn some easy cash, and Barack Obama is the perfect opportunist.

After spending 8 years draining the American taxpayer dry and taking lavish vacations, the former president has found yet another way to put major coin in the bank.

No, it has nothing to do with campaign donors or anything like that (thankfully, we don’t have to worry about this guy running the country again); rather, he’s getting huge money for a very easy task.

Now, it’s probably hard to imagine paying anyone several hundred thousand dollars for one speech, especially a speech he probably didn’t even write himself.

What could he possibly have to say that would be worth that sort of money?

Well, it’s Obama. And the liberals still love Obama.

At least three of the speeches he has given have earned him $400,000 each, so we know he’s gotten $1.2 million to add to his bank account.

Via Conservative Tribune:

Obama has just raked in at least $1.2 million this month alone, and if he had any shame, the source should make him turn red with embarrassment.

“According to The Daily Mail, that million-dollar paycheck has come from making expensive speeches to big Wall Street bankers. 

“‘Bloomberg reported Monday that the former president spoke in New York to clients of Northern Trust Corp. A second appearance at the private equity behemoth Carlyle Group followed,’ the newspaper stated.

“At least three different banking groups have paid Obama $400,000 for him to appear. To put the $1.2 million in perspective, the median household income in the United States is just over $55,000 per year.

“By taking in $1.2 million in a single month, Obama made over 260 times the average monthly paycheck of everyday Americans. So much for being against ‘the one percent.'”


We have on these pages accused Mr. Obama of worse things than being a hypocrite. But unlike our previous charges, this one is self-evident. He proves his guilt himself.

The champion of the oppressed who railed against the “one-percent” has now found it much more beneficial to hang out with the “one-percent,” or to become part of that group himself.

After all, all this leftist talk of supporting and fighting for the oppressed is just a shtick used by liberals to gain power. Once they have that power, the “oppressed” are their foot soldiers who keep them in office, so good liberals make sure to spread some government benefits around to them.

But when it’s time to get serious about money, you go to the source, the “one-percent.” Those who you demonized while in office while winking at them knowingly all the time.

None of this comes as a surprise now, does it?

Sources: The Daily MailConservative Tribune

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