Look Who Just Called American Voters “Stupid As Sh-t”

What Donald Trump has ignited might just burn down the mainstream media. That’s an extreme statement, and there’s no guarantee it will happen. But the elitists who call the shots at major media outlets are not used to a president just getting in their faces and challenging them to do something about it. So far, they’ve handled the challenge very badly.

Part of the problem leftist outlets such as MSNBC, the New York Times, and CNN have is that President Trump not only could not care less if he offends them, he seems to enjoy doing it. The man will not be intimidated, and that drives these people nuts. As result, they call him unbalanced and suggest that he be impeached for that reason.

They’ve had to retract stories that turned out to be lies, largely because President Trump called them out over them. “Fake News” is a term of which he has made good use, and its appropriateness has been supported by the exposure of the mainstream media’s lies and biases. If that’s not bad enough, apparently CNN thinks that we voters are as stupid as, well, here’s a sample of what’s in the video.

“Project Veritas has released a new undercover video showing CNN producer Jimmy Carr calling American voters ‘stupid as shit’ and saying most of the network believes President Donald Trump is crazy.

“Carr is the associate producer for CNN’s morning show ‘New Day,’ which is hosted by Chris Cuomo and Alisyn Camerota. ‘New Day’ has been critical of Trump throughout his administration, and declared Wednesday the president wants to make the media an ‘enemy of the state.'”

Clearly, President Trump has not made any friends at CNN.

“Carr wasn’t only speaking for himself but claims, ‘90% of us [CNN] are on board with just the fact that he’s crazy.’ When asked to clarify who the 90% were Carr said, ‘my direct coworkers.'”

“Carr’s direct co-workers include Cuomo, Camerota, and CNN producer John Bonifield.

“Bonifield who was caught sharing similar sentiments on hidden camera said the network’s Russia narrative wasn’t supported by facts and they had no hard evidence that Trump committed any wrongdoing.”

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For someone who these liberals are now down to referring to as “crazy,” President Trump certainly has had a lot of successes in his life. Far more than these people on the left who cannot deal with the man.

It’s really a simple story. The liberals control the mainstream press and went out of their way to assist the Clinton campaign and to damage Donald Trump. This included manufacturing “fake news” some of which they have had to retract because they got caught spreading lies and theories as though they were facts.

They have to deal with a president who is eager to stand up to their bullying, and who is not afraid to call them out when they bend the truth or outright lie. So they think he’s “crazy,” and now you know what they think of you.

Source: Daily Caller

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