BOOM! After Trump Signed Travel Ban, American Muslims Drop Bombshell On Liberals…Even Trump Is Speechless!

Protesting President Trump’s efforts to Make America Great Again, apparently, is what liberals do for fun these days. Much of their protesting doesn’t make any sense, since former President Obama did some of the exact same things that Trump is trying to do.

For instance, Trump wants ban travel from seven terrorist hotbed nations for ninety days, and the far left is going nuts over it, as they are now protesting in airports across the country. But quick flashback: they never said a word when Barack Obama put a six-month ban on Iraqi refugees entering America in 2011.

But here comes the real shocker: American Muslims have been asked their opinions of Trump’s controversial order, and their responses will give you chills!

Allen B West reported:

Barack Obama puts a six-month ban on Iraqi refugees entering the country in 2011, and ends the longstanding wet foot/dry foot process for Cuban refugees, and nobody batted an eye. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump’s executive order implementing a 90-day travel ban on the seven countries listed in the Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015 and indefinite suspension of our program of resettling Syrian refugees has set off waves of protest, primarily taking place at our nation’s airports.

A common chant at the protests is “no ban, no wall!,” which refers to the inaccurate belief that a three month travel restriction on seven countries is a ban on 1.6 billion Muslims, and Trump’s unrelated, desired border with Mexico.

Independent Journal Review reached out to some American Muslims to get their take on the protests:

Jay Smith:

“If these people really wanted to make a difference, they can become mommies and daddies in refugee camps in Syria or Iraq. Spend time with the people who truly are in need of help.”

“For years President Obama bombed countries in the Middle East, and I didn’t see them protesting. It’s incredibly hypocritical to be doing what they’re doing now.
And they cry racism. As a Muslim-American, I’ve never missed any opportunities because of my ethnic background, religion, or skin color. I’d have just as much of a chance as any white American or any American in general. So has my family.”

“I refuse to believe that I’m a minority as well. Here in America, everyone is granted the same chance at the American dream. The case would be different if I was in say Iraq or Syria.”

Karim Elsayed:

“It’s not a Muslim ban. If it was really a Muslim ban, he would have banned immigration from Indonesia, the country with the highest population of Muslims. The seven countries listed were in Obama’s Terrorist Travel Prevention Act.”

“The protesters are not concerned. If so, we would have see them protesting Obama’s drone strikes and Obama making it more difficult for some Muslims to make it into this country.”

“There isn’t an actual basis for these protests. It’s more political than anything else, pushing a narrative, and being upset that a Republican is in the White House.”

Jazi Ray:

“First of all, it’s not a Muslim ban. And I think that the policy that’s been put into action, should have been in place during the Obama administration. If anything, it’s time to put Americans first in this country.”

“The protests are ridiculous. They aren’t accomplishing anything. These people are just trying to cause a scene. They are not there with a purpose.”

“If they want to make some kind of impact, it won’t happen in the streets. They should donate to an organization that supports the refugees, or they should start their own organization to lift up and help these people. But nothing of that sort is being done.”

The fact that even American Muslims agree with Trump on this is a testament to the rational, common sense argument that you must always protect your borders from potential threats. Refugees from terrorist saturated countries are a potential threat!

The longer the protests go on, the more inclined we are to see them as merely political maneuvering by Democratic opponents of Donald Trump who don’t like being out of power.

But we voters put Trump into office to do exactly what he’s doing so they will just have to put up with him for the next four years…or possibly eight!

Source: Allen B West, Independent Journal Review

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