America Votes On Repealing Obamacare — Do You Agree With Results?

No one should be terribly surprised by all the confusion surrounding Obamacare. Health insurance is a complicated enough to begin with. If one doesn’t really understand healthcare insurance to being with, adding another layer on top of what already exists is not going to promote clarity.

Recall that Obamacare was legislation that was so complex that then Speaker Nancy Pelosi found it necessary to make the bizarre statement that it would be necessary to pass the legislation before reading it, and apparently understanding it. With this sort of background, who could be expected to have a really good grasp on health care in America other than those whose full-time jobs were to manage this stuff? And as we found out, many times they didn’t have much of a grasp on it either.

So now we have a poll by Reuters that suggests that Americans want to keep Obamacare. How in the world can they be expected to offer an opinion on such an opaque issue? While not easily done, it would have interesting to ask those who wish to keep it what they see as Obamacare’s three biggest strengths and three biggest weaknesses, and then to examine their responses in light of what the law actually does. That might have revealed that supporters really don’t even know much about the law. Then again, the media in collusion with Democrats in Congress could just be spinning this in a way to derail Republican efforts to repeal and replace the thing.

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“A wide majority of Americans want Republicans in Congress to move on from their health care reform effort following an unsuccessful bid to repeal and replace Obamacare on Friday, according to a new Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll released Saturday.

“In a poll of more than 1,130 Americans conducted July 28-29 — after GOP senators tried and failed three times to pass a health care bill — Reuters/Ipsos found that nearly two-thirds of the country wants to either keep or modify the Affordable Care Act. A majority of Americans want Congress to focus on other priorities such as tax reform, foreign affairs and infrastructure.

“Only 29 percent of respondents said they wanted Republicans in Congress to ‘continue working on a new healthcare bill,’ the Reuters survey found.”

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It’s clear that the Republicans cannot point to their work on healthcare legislation with undiluted pride. In fact, their performance has been an embarrassment partly because individuals such as the RINOs make it almost impossible to make any headway.

For example, “GOP Sens. John McCain of Arizona, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Susan Collins of Maine joined with Democrats to vote against the so-called ‘skinny repeal’ proposal, effectively killing the last hope Republicans had to repeal Obamacare in the near term.”

Given the frustration with the inability of Republican leadership make progress with health care legislation, it’s not surprising to learn that “[w]hile about three-fourths Republicans would like to see the health care law repealed at some point in the future, a majority now want GOP lawmakers to move on to other bills, according to the Reuters survey.”

No Republican would want to see their party continue to fail, and sadly, that’s what has been happening with Obamacare. Hence, assuming this poll is accurate, it’s likely that most Republicans want to cut their losses and move on.

The problem with this is that Obamacare is a deeply flawed program, parts of which might just collapse on their own. Healthcare is not a matter to be left to chance. Yet the intransigence of the Democrats and the obstruction of a handful of Republicans have doomed a significant portion of Americans to participating in an unsatisfactory healthcare program.

To make a prediction, in typical Washington fashion, legislators will just ignore difficult problems like Obamacare’s failings until they turn into crises, and will then kludge together some flawed legislation that doesn’t solve the problem, all the while patting themselves on their backs for how well they served the people.

We deserve much better.

Source: Daily Caller

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