America Votes On Government Shut-Down To Fund Border Wall — Do You Agree With The Results?

Mr. Trump made no attempt to hide or otherwise diminish his goal of erecting a border wall or fence on our southern border as a way of ending, or at least greatly curtailing, illegal immigration. Perhaps some might have mistakenly thought he was not serious or could otherwise be talked out of proceeding with his plan. If so, they were wrong.

It turns out that a majority of Americans who voted for Mr. Trump want the president to proceed with the wall. There are those open border advocates who cannot get enough of illegal immigration who oppose the president on this issue. But they are not in a position to get their wish.

In fact, it goes beyond this. Not only do a majority of American want President Trump’s wall built, but they are ready to let the government shut down if that’s what it takes to get legislation passed to build the wall. Opposing President Trump’s wall is the wrong side of the issue. It makes sense, and sizeable numbers of Americans are ready to go to the mat to make it happen.

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Business Insider reports that “[o]ver half of those who voted for President Donald Trump said they would support shutting down the government in an effort to force Congress to fund a US-Mexico border wall, according to a new poll.

“This comes after Trump threatened to allow the federal government to close if Democratic lawmakers refuse to fund the wall’s construction — one of the president’s signature campaign promises.”

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The point here is that while Americans across the political spectrum would prefer that Congress get its work done without a government shutdown, when it comes to the wall, Trump supporters are not prepared to compromise.

“While the Morning Consult/Politico poll found that 67% of Republicans — and 76% of Democrats — think the government should achieve its policy goals without a shutdown, if it came down to it, 51% of Republicans said they would support a government shutdown over border wall funding.”

This really doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Trump voters are more likely to believe that much of what the government does is unnecessary, wasteful, or downright harmful. So shutting the thing down is not equated with the end of the world as it might be with die-hard liberals who almost worship big government.

So, for some conservatives, shutting down the government for a while if that’s what it takes to get the wall funded is a win-win. However, for the left, the whole thing could be one huge exercise in embarrassment. It could turn out that the wall does what is intended. And worse for them, the shutdown might highlight unnecessary government agencies as Americans look around and try to find any evidence that anything was shut down at all.

So if a partial shutdown is what it takes to get the wall funded, so be it. It will be interesting to see what happens.

Source: Business Insider, Morning Consult

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