America Votes On Democrats Flipping House, Senate In 2018 — Do You Agree With Results?

SurveyMonkey is a polling agency, relatively new (as of 1999), that has been faithfully showing that: 1) Trump is wildly unpopular, 2) Republicans are killing people with healthcare, and 3) Trump is wildly unpopular.

One important thing you need to know about Survey Monkey is that its founder, Ryan Finley, is a long-time advocate of teacher’s unions and education consistent with the Department of Education standards under Leftist control. He formed a initiative called Stand for Children with Liberals Jonah Edelman and Eliza Leighton, who are themselves dedicated members of the Democrat Party. Finley himself is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison which routinely is in the news for its radical Leftist positions on any subject.

With that in mind, SurveyMonkey and Vox (another rabidly, radical Leftist organization responsible in part for the existence of the concept of “radical parenting” and inspiration for “A is for Activism,” have gotten together for a nice, friendly little poll that gave them a shock of their life. The 2018 elections do not appear at this time to be a slam dunk for Democrats, as they assumed!

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Conservative Tribune:

“[A]ccording to an analysis of more than 50,000 respondents of Vox/SurveyMonkey polling, the prospects of a midterm Democratic surge still look shaky,” the study showed.

As Vox pointed out during its analysis, however, the numbers connected to the actual mid-term election prospects are actually stacked against Democrats.

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“Most of the decline in Trump approval, it turns out, occurred in congressional districts that are already solidly red or solidly blue. In the closest Republican districts, opinions of the president haven’t budged at all over the past six months,” Vox continued.

In other words, even if Donald Trump is losing popularity in some areas, those locations were so blue or red to begin with that they likely won’t sway the 2018 elections.

Charts of the study’s poll results show this in visual form. The first displays the big problem for Democrats. “In the last six months, Trump approval declined significantly in far left and far right congressional districts, but not in close districts on the right,” explained Vox.

The simple fact is that locations where Democrats are making progress won’t make much of a difference in 2018.

“In other words, the polling suggests that Democrats might be tightening their grip on close districts they won in 2016, but they haven’t made any progress on the districts they hope to flip in 2018 — at least not if Trump’s approval is any indicator,” continued the news analysis.

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When the data is filtered to show only people who “strongly” approve of President Trump, the same trend is visible.

Keep crying! Looks like Democrats have some hard work lying ahead of them if they are going to attempt to win any extra seats for 2018. Maybe they should just give up, take a deep breath, and realize that President Trump is making America great again. With a stimulated economy under less regulation, maybe Liberals should take note and see if that if America’s not broke, don’t fix it.


Source: Conservative Tribune

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