America Just Spoke About President Trump, Dropped Hammer Of Humiliation On Democrats! OUCH!

No matter what President Trump does, we can pretty much expect that the mainstream media will call it a total disaster and a failure and the Democrats will get whiplash from shaking their heads in agreement.

It would be way too much to ask for the media to give Trump a fair shake before they launch into their hate filled diatribes to the man-who-would-be-king or dictator, since Trump has always been an outsider and not part of the insiders club.

A new Rasmussen poll just released shows Trump’s approval numbers are very high, with most of his supporters from the conservative side of the aisle. Predictably lagging are the Democrats, who don’t even agree with him when he does something Obama would have done.

Via Right Wing News:

Wednesday’s poll shows that 47% of likely voters approve of Trump’s performance in office so far. Meanwhile, 53% disapprove. These numbers include 29% who strongly approve, and 43% who strongly disapprove. It gives him an approval index rating of -14. It’s far lower than Barack Obama’s approval index rating was in the beginning of his presidency, for comparison.

Interestingly, most Americans approve of Trump’s missile strike on Syria. They don’t support further military action, however. Voters want any future military operations to come from the United Nations, as opposed to just the United States.

Democrats continue to agree with Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez that Donald Trump isn’t really president. While most Americans overall believe that Trump won the election, most Democrats disagree and don’t believe that he won the election fairly.

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Another key issue is Trump’s insistence that Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower, or that the Obama administration leaked information about him to the media. 47% agree with Trump that Obama or his top aides knew about the wiretapping, but voters don’t agree with the latter claim.

The first months of Trump’s presidency have been shaky. His Obamacare replacement bill failed miserably, and he was criticized for a failed raid in Yemen, in which a Navy SEAL died, even though the raid was originally planned by the Obama administration. His crackdown on illegal immigration has also been controversial, with conservatives applauding it while liberals staunchly oppose it. Trump has also faced continuing battles over his executive orders banning travel from Muslim countries, which also have invited no small shortage of controversy.

So, what we’re seeing is a continuing rehash of all the same old objections to Trump’s presidency that have supposedly been resolved but which liberals simply refuse to accept. The controversy won’t be going away any time soon as liberals are being forced to deal with what conservatives have had to put up with for the last eight years.

A president whose policies and philosophy of government are at complete odds with what liberals have come to expect from their “sugar daddy” government.

Trump is no sugar daddy. He’s a strong willed businessman who knows what America needs and it’s isn’t more liberalism!

Regardless, with Trump’s poll numbers going up, the Democrats will finally have to admit that the numbers don’t lie!

Source: Right Wing News

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