Al Sharpton Demands To See President Trump’s Tax Returns — There’s Just One Major Problem — YOWZERS!

Al Sharpton does the conservative movement a favor by continually pointing out the hypocrisy and corruption of the left. His racist rants border on lunacy sometimes, and he should be a source of embarrassment to all the Democrats he claims to support.

He also has a rather nonchalant approach to obeying the law. Perhaps he considers himself above the law, yet he doesn’t quite have the power of his liberal colleague Hillary Clinton. So Al might just get hung out to dry sometime if he gets a little too cocky. In fact, that might be just what he did.

Turns out Al owes a sizable sum of money in back taxes. And this is from a man who wants to see President Trump’s tax records. Once again, Rev. Sharpton demonstrates the hypocrisy of the left. Yet that’s not even his only problem. He’s stuck in the US since Obama signed a law revoking the passports of Americans who owe more than $50,000 in back taxes.  Maybe he figured Mr. Obama would give him a pass or forgive the debt or exempt him from the penalty of having his passport revoked.

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Unfortunately for Al, none of these seems to have happened. “The newest law, signed by chummy buddy racist, President Obama, H.R. 22, takes away passports of those who owe more than $50,000.00 in back taxes. This went into effect on New Year’s Day.”

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The Reverend tried to blow the tax issue off as nothing. “We’re talking about old taxes. I think it’s political.”

So Sharpton is claiming that his tax bill due the IRS is “political.” We presume that means he thinks it’s irrelevant or that he is otherwise exempt from paying it? Does he plan on claiming “racism” if the IRS moves to take action against him for his failure to pay his taxes?
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Al needs to keep in mind that it is unlikely that President Trump is going to issue some sort of preemptive pardon so he can just ignore his tax bill.
If justice is administrated fairly and Rev. Sharpton continues to ignore his legal obligation to pay his tax bill, he should find himself with a more confining fate than just having his passport revoked.
Source: US Herald
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