Border Patrol Agent In Critical Condition After Cartel Took Machete And…

To state what should be obvious, even to our friends on the left, all is not safe south of our border. Amidst the millions of delightful Mexican people are some very, very evil individuals. Some conduct criminal operations on their own or in small groups. Others are part of the big leagues which are the drug cartels.

It is these latter groups that we wish to keep out of America. One way of doing that is securing the border and insuring that only those in compliance with our immigration laws are allowed in this country. It’s not a perfect system, but that should not prevent it from being aggressively pursued for the safety of American citizens.

An example of the sort of persons we want to keep out was vivid and tragically illustrated when a border patrol agent was kidnapped by Mexican cartel members, held at gunpoint, and sliced up with a machete. Fortunately, he survived although he is in critical condition in a hospital.

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Breitbart reports that “[s]uspects in the kidnapping and attack of a U.S. Border Patrol agent have been captured and an official statement from authorities reveals that the agent was hacked with a machete. Breitbart Texas first reported on the issue and first reported the identity of one of the suspects. In this case, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) first tried to keep the matter from the public and then downplayed aspects of the attack.”

As hideous as the attack was, the outrage is that this scum who attacked our agent had been deported three previous times. How much more evidence is necessary to demonstrate that border enforcement must be dramatically strengthened? Or would it be desirable to give this maniac and those like him yet another opportunity to maim and possibly kill?

Here are some further details:

“On June 9th, as the agent was reportedly helping his mother at her tamale stand near the intersection of Stan Roberts and McCombs in northeast El Paso, the cartel members grabbed him. The agent reportedly left in his vehicle with Vanegas-Quinonez and Puga, probably at gun point. They had a pellet gun (WHT?) and a machete. The Border Patrol agent was found later that night, badly cut up and near death. He is in critical condition. This happened near the Texas/New Mexico border. The incident is still an open investigation, in cooperation with the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Texas and the Third Judicial District Attorney’s Office.”

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Actually two men have been arrested in connection with this brutal crime. They are charged with multiple felonies and remain in jail pending the results of the ongoing investigations.

Let’s make it simple: Build the wall, support our border control agents, deport illegals, and vigorously enforce the relevant laws. In other words, make America safe for Americans.

Source: Right Wing News

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