Aftershock: Faithless Electors Destroy Hillary…Even Trump Is Stunned!

It looks like all the ghosts of Hillary Clinton’s past misdeeds are coming back to haunt her and Donald Trump has America’s full stamp of approval on him.

When all of the pundits were dead certain that the election would see a blow out for Hillary, all the stars aligned in favor of another choice, and his name is Trump.

Even some of the electors of her party could see she was not what America needs. Not now and not ever.

And let’s make this crystal clear: In the aftermath of the Electoral College, Hillary Clinton had MORE faithless electors than Trump.

From Political Insider:

Despite the media screaming for weeks about Russian conspiracy theories and recalcitrant “NeverTrump” Republicans promising to send the election to the House of Representatives, Trump won big. Hillary suffered what is hopefully her final humiliating defeat.

Going into Monday, leftists and celebrities tried to persuade electors in the Electoral College to vote for anyone but President-elect Donald Trump. It’s all the media has covered, but hiding underneath that remains the disdain and anger Democrats have for their own party.

When electors met to vote, several electors for the Democrats defected or attempted to defect. Seven electors tried to vote against Hillary with four succeeding in Washington. Trump easily won with 304 electoral votes.

The insurrection was far smaller in the Republican camp.

Chris Suprun, who wrote in The New York Times that he would not vote for Trump, voted for John Kasich instead. Another person voted for Ron Paul, but overall, Texas gave Trump 36 electoral votes, pushing him to 304 votes, well over the 270 needed.

Two. After all the commotion from the media and leftists, Trump lost two.

In Washington, Hillary won 8 electoral votes, but four people defected: 3 voted for former Secretary of State Colin Powell and another voted for Faith Spotted Eagle, an elder in the Yankton Dakota tribe. That vote belonged to Robert Satiacum of Washington’s Puyallup Tribe. He supported Bernie Sanders during the primary.

Well, according to the ancient Hebrew calendar, 2016/2017 is a year of Jubilee, when all is made right and prayers are answered. God certainly must have heard ours!

The New World Order agenda may be on hold for awhile as Trump undoes as much of Barack Obama’s mischief as he is able to and we couldn’t be happier and Israel will have America back as her ally.

The big reason for all of this optimism is the fact that maybe, just maybe, Hillary will get justice for all her evil conniving and conspiring to put the last nail in American capitalism’s coffin and replace it with socialism.

If we get any more good news like this, we’re going to be as giddy as a bunch of kids on Christmas morning!

Source: Political Insider

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