STUNNING: After Trump Takes Oath, Obama Will Leave White House In STYLE…All On America’s Dime!

Mr. Obama does not appear to be planning on going “silently into the night” as he leaves office, and he is also not planning on leaving cheaply – at least not when he can do it on the taxpayers’ dime. It’s been reported that the man and his family have racked up over $100 million in vacation expenses during his eight years as president. He has also played several hundred rounds of golf. It sounds more like the last eight years have been a holiday for him as opposed to a job where he is supposed to serve the people.

Donald Trump’s inauguration cannot come soon enough. The Obama years have been a nightmare of failed foreign policies, explosive expansion of the national debt, a failed health care initiative, and personal irresponsibility on the part of the president himself, especially in the way he spends his time as well as taxpayers’ money on personal matters.

As if he and his family have not already had enough fun and entertainment at the taxpayers’ expense, he plans one final fling right after Mr. Trump’s inauguration ceremony is over.

As Mr. Obama and family leave the inauguration, there are a number of choices where they could go. One would be to their, “brand new $5.3 million mansion waiting for him just down the road [in DC].” Apparently this is unsatisfactory.

Instead, he’s heading for the opposite side of the country, at government expense of course: “According to Breitbart, ‘Barack and Michelle Obama [along with Malia and Sasha] will fly to Palm Springs, California by way of one last flight on Air Force One at the cost of the American people,’ immediately following his relief of duty. Not taking a second to say goodbye to anyone, Obama is set to quickly head to Marine One for his last official helicopter ride to Andrews Air Force Base to board Air Force One.”

It seems strange that once he is no longer president that he still can use Air Force One. Apparently, one “courtesy” extended to a departing president is that the government picks up the tab one last time for wherever he chooses to go as he leaves office. Needless to say, the Obamas plan to spend the most money possible on their last “free ride.”

He’s a very petty individual who is utterly self-focused. But rather than spend our time being upset that he’s going spend a bunch of money leaving, perhaps we should just be happy that he will be gone.

Source: Mad World News

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