After Trump Meeting, Boeing Reveals Stunning News…Americans Are Amazed!

If we didn’t know better, it would be easy to think that Donald Trump has already taken over as president. American jobs are being saved, the swamp is being drained, and government inefficiencies are being exposed. If this is a preview of what a Trump administration will look like, then hopeful days lie ahead of us for sure.

As we know, Washington is legendary for overpaying for most everything it buys. And that problem is compounded by the fact that it spends enormous amounts of money on products and services that are of questionable value at best.

As Mr. Trump and his team prepare to take over in less than a month, business as usual in Washington is about to get a shake up like they’ve never felt: “President-elect Donald Trump on Wednesday said Boeing Corp. would reduce its price for a new Air Force One and that he was doing ‘a dance’ with Lockheed Martin over the high-priced F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program.”

Using one of his favorite platforms to express himself, “Trump had earlier taken to Twitter to castigate both defense contractors for the high costs of the aircraft they were producing for the government.”

Boeing is already on board with cost cutting. Lockheed Martin is on deck.

With regard to the F-35 fighter program, Mr. Trump said, “’Well, we’re going to see,’ he told reporters when asked about the F-35 program. ‘We’re going to see. Just beginning. It’s a dance. You know, it’s a little bit of a dance.’”

He then followed up with these reassuring remarks, “’But we’re going to get the costs down and we’re going to get it done beautifully,’ he added.”

Defense programs notoriously get out of control. Over-budget and behind-schedule has become the norm for decades.  It would appear that waste is about to get minimized dramatically.

What we continue to see with Mr. Trump is real leadership, and not just with the easy stuff.

Mr. Obama had a different set of priorities. It doesn’t take a lot to fly to Brussels and make nice with a bunch of other politicians. Everyone poses for the group picture which is about as significant as the actual negotiations. This sort of thing is perfect for politicians like Obama and Kerry. People back home know little about what actually happens at these summits, and even less about what was accomplished.

On the other hand, negotiating with companies to preserve American jobs and save taxpayers’ money are concrete actions with measurable results.  This is only one area where Donald Trump excels.

The Donald has landed, and business as usual is over. Get ready to enjoy the upcoming years.

Source:  Western Journalism

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