After Stunning Trump Pick, Singer’s Sales Skyrocketed…Liberal Celebs In Full Meltdown!

I have to say, the past seven weeks have been the most miserable fun I’ve experienced. It’s been such a joy to watch the voice of the American people be heard on Election Day, but the antics of the left have been wearisome, to say the least.

First we have had to listen to Hillary’s list of woes: it’s the voting system, it’s Russia’s fake news, it’s James Comey. Everything under the sun has been pointed out as the reasoning for her loss, minus herself. Then we have the flock of liberal sheep bemoaning the loss of their candidate, and they too have demanded our attention: seeking safe spaces and time off in order to fully process what has happened to them.

Then we’ve heard from the voices on high in Hollywood. Some had promised to move to Canada upon Trump’s win, but have yet to follow through on their commitment. I guess they can make more money here than in Canada. Others have refused to consider performing at Trump’s inauguration festivities, and after hearing this fresh information, may sincerely regret their snub.

Right Wing News reports:

But Jackie Evancho, a runner-up on one of the most popular, and numerous talent shows in America – “America’s Got Talent,” put all political sentiments aside and says she will perform the national anthem at the celebration, despite other A-lister’s objections because they can’t be seen participating.

And what’s really crazy is that she will be laughing all the way to the bank after sales of her latest album quadrupled and record stores were forced to restock twice just to keep up with public demand. Evancho’s album is now sitting right up there as Number One on the #1 on Billboard’s Classical Albums chart.

Here’s a glimpse of what America will get to enjoy next month!

Maybe these lazy liberals should stop, take a breath, and observe how the Trump Effect has already given America such a morale boost. Let’s see. Already we’re seeing job creation, Wall Street rebound, and now Ms. Evancho is benefiting from a Trump Administration. Maybe, just maybe, America is moving in the right direction.

Source: Right Wing News

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