Heartwarming: After Receiving $45,000, Hard Working, Walking Wounded Teen Does The Unthinkable!

As we wade through the news it’s nice to come across a story that just warms your heart. So much of what we have to contend with involves conflicts, some of them violent. As a result, it’s easy to get so focused on all of the political machinations in progress, not only in the US but world-wide, that your perspective can get warped a bit.

A good news story about a happy event may not get the amount of press as Mr. Obama’s latest outrage, but reading this stuff is good for the soul. So we’ll, take a short break from sorting out the news of all the stressful and tragic things going on in the world, to take a look at a more cheerful story.

It involves an injured worker at Chick-fil-A, a crowdfunding campaign, and some very amazing results. Once, you get to the end, you’re sure to be encouraged.

It begins like this: “One of the most successful GoFundMe projects in recent history started with the goal of raising $2,500 for Jakeem Tyler, a Chick-fil-A employee a stranger spotted working despite being in a neck brace.”

In case you’re not familiar, “GoFundMe” is a popular crowdfunding site.

Our story continues: “Tyler, employed at that location for 18 months, had been cleared by his doctor to continue working, so that’s what he did. He said he needed the money — But not for himself. Christmas was coming, and he and his family were planning to help feed the homeless.”

If the story ended right there, that would be encouragement enough. But it goes much further.

So what did 18-year-old Jakeem think about seeing his face all over the media, being shared millions of times on social media? He had no absolutely idea any of it had happened.

It wasn’t until a few days later when one of his brother’s friends saw the story being shared on Facebook and told the family. And it wasn’t until a few days after that that he and his parents were told about the fundraising page.

Jakeem had been asked about his injuries by dozens of customers and thought nothing of telling them the truth — even embellishing the story for the entertainment of children.

He told ‘People would come in and be like, “OMG what happened?” ‘If they had little kids I would be like: “I fought a bear,” but if they were other adults I would tell them I was in a car accident but I am blessed to be alive.’ So now that Jakeem knows he is more than $44,000 richer thanks to Cameron Nelson [who established the GoFundMe account] being so moved by his altruism? It’s certainly inspired him to think big, but not in the way one might expect.

First, we’ll point out that this fundraiser has so far has raised $44,979.00 — far surpassing that original goal of $2,500.00.

So what does Jakeem plan to do with all that money?  We’ll let him tell you.

“He said: ‘I was amazed and I was so grateful. I didn’t look to get any attention or receive any donations from anyone. I’m just glad that so many people get to see my testimony and see that not all teens are bad and that there are good people in this world.’ The money raised has been ring-fenced and is in his parents’ control. It will be spent entirely on good causes – and Jakeem, who plans to go to college In Tennessee, now hopes he’ll be able to set up a charitable foundation with which to continue his good work.

“He said: ‘I want to build a foundation for the homeless in Indiana and then nationwide and even worldwide.’

“None of the money raised will be spent on his education.”

What an amazing young man. He is not only an example for his peers, he is an inspiration to us all. Well done, Jakeem!

Source: Allen B. West

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