Look What Welfare Leech Does After Judge Scolds Her For Asking For More Money

There are countless examples of people throughout the country who have been aided by family, friends, church groups, private organizations, government agencies and even online strangers when in trouble financially and children are involved. Typically, the outpouring for someone in need is amazing. Americans, after all, bar none, are the most charitable people on the planet.

Many donors to needy individuals wish anonymity because of any number of reasons. The Bible does say that a person should be a cheerful giver. Some who do give to charity require little more than a simple “thank you.” There are a few of them out there who need a parade and granite statue, but that’s rare.

In Florida, as in many other states, there is an army of government organizations that are dedicated to helping families in need or in crisis. Angel Yulee Adams is one such individual in need of such help. Adams has 15 children and has been assisted by many groups, only to run afoul of authorities. In a last ditch effort, the courts agreed to help her one last time. And Ms. Adams response was one of disgust to both the judge and authorities.

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Angel Adams, 37, said she was glad to have the home. But she wanted them all out of her life.

“I’ve been railroaded since day one,” she said.

The state says day one was 21 months and 28 hearings ago, when Adams first landed in the courtroom of Hillsborough Circuit Judge Tracy Sheehan. Ever since then, Sheehan said, the state has tried to keep Adams and her children together.

But Adams lost her home after failing to pay rent to the Tampa Housing Authority, then recently was evicted from a two-bedroom rental apartment. All her things were dumped on the curb. She and 12 children wound up in a small motel room on E Busch Boulevard.

Her situation looked a lot better on Monday, thanks to the combined efforts of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, the state Department of Children and Families, Hillsborough Kids Inc., the Children’s Home Society and A Kid’s Place — which last week gave her a temporary cottage at its shelter near Brandon.

Officials from most of those agencies packed the judge’s courtroom Monday to give a status report. Nick Cox, DCF’s regional director, spoke for them.

“Everyone has bent over backward,” he said. “The mother has been less than gracious.”

Judge Sheehan gave her a lecture.

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Adams would not have sat through 28 hearings if her kids had been fed, got their medicines and were living in a good home, the judge said. “We know you want us out of your life,” she told Adams. “We will be thrilled to close this case when you have all these things.”

Adams sat at a table just below the judge’s bench, looking away from Sheehan.

“A lot of people have gone way extra miles for you,” Sheehan said. “Do you understand that?”

Adams replied quietly, “No comment, your honor.”

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Amazingly, this woman, whose partner and father of 10 of her 15 children just went to prison for cocaine, still feels that she has been wronged.

On top of all this, she insists that she doesn’t intend on having anymore children, but whatever happens…happens.  I’m a proud papa of five, but even I would finally run out of patience with somebody as ungrateful as this.

Source:  Tampa Bay Times

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