BREAKING: After Blocking Trump Travel Ban, Judge’s Past Now EXPOSED! He Thought We Wouldn’t Find Out…But He’s BUSTED!

Controversy swirls around the decision by a federal judge to block President Trump’s travel ban on persons from seven predominantly Muslim countries. While his ban did not target some of the nations with the largest Muslim populations in the world, it nevertheless is being spun by his political opponents as an attack on Islam.

It is highly improbable that Mr. Trump meant it as such. He ran for president on a platform that included aggressive plans to restrain illegal migration into this country and to secure the country’s borders. He sees much terrorist activity in those seven countries, so he implemented a temporary ban on travel from those nations to the US.  The left, desperate for anything to use to attack Mr. Trump, went berserk.

At this point, the ban is not in effect, having been suspended by Federal Judge James Robart. In making this decision, the judge naturally wound up in the news, and some of the information people are learning about him is more than just interesting.

From Mad World News:

As Heavy reported, Robart once took a firm stance against Seattle’s Police Union, then, at the end of his controversial ruling, became “deeply personal,” noting “a statistic that showed, nationally, 41 percent of the shooting by police were of blacks, when they represented 20 percent of the population” and referencing high-profile police shootings.

It turns out that Judge Robart has made some supportive comments about Black Lives Matters. Yet, “Robart’s affinity for Black Lives Matter is not the most disturbing detail to emerge from his past. After being nominated to the bench in 2004, Robart was exposed for his work with refugees, an issue that was just starting to come to the forefront as the War on Terror progressed.”

Robart is also reported to have said that, “[H]e would use the legal system to benefit those who believe that the legal system was ‘stacked against them and unfair.’”

Those words sound good, but, as Trump is pointing out, can lead to deadly consequences:

Now that last comment from Robart is not dangerous or negative in and of itself. It all depends on its implementation. The danger is that it can be interpreted and used in an activist effort to push forward an agenda. If Judge Robart’s goal is to use the bench to advocate for refugees, regardless of the danger some might pose to the nation, then he himself has placed the nation in danger.

In any event, this is a poor ruling and deserves to be overturned.

Source: Mad World News

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