Admission Of Guilt?! One In Obama’s Muslim Spy Ring Just Caught Fleeing Scene Of Crime To…!

The investigation involving Pakistani IT staffers who worked for Congressional Democrats is taking an interesting turn. Recall that this group is accused of acquiring and leaking confidential and perhaps classified information, all while on the payroll of these representatives.

It’s been an investigation shrouded in mystery, perhaps in part because of the sensitivity of the documents involved. It also might be being hushed up because of the seriousness of the charges and the potential damage that a full revelation of the situation might do to those Democrat Representatives.

Yet, the story won’t go away, and it just took an other turn when we learned that one of those IT staffers under investigation just fled to Pakistan.

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“The staffers are accused of stealing equipment and possible breaches of the House IT network, according to Politico, which first reported on the investigation in February.

“A spokeswoman for the Capitol Police refused comment last week in what she described as an ongoing investigation.

“And now, at least one of the staffers, Hina Alvi, has fled to Pakistan, according to The Daily Caller.”

While leaving the country while under investigation is not proof of criminal acts, it is, of course, very suspicious. And it casts doubt over the innocence of those in this group who remain in the US.

“Alvi, 33, who was based in Virginia, worked for Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-Queens) since 2008, making $126,225 last year, according to public records.

“Her husband, Imran Awan, 37, also worked for Meeks in the past. In addition to his wife, Awan put forward his brothers Jamal, 23 and Abid, 33, to work in IT operations on Capitol Hill. He also recommended Rao Abbas, 37. The group worked for 25 members of Congress at different times since 2004, public records show.”

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This is a very cozy group, isn’t it? All of whom were paid extremely well and gained access to House documents, some of which might have been classified. The whole thing makes you wonder why House Democrats chose these people for sensitive work, and whether they had to undergo any security review before getting their jobs.

It looks like this group worked for 25 Democratic Congressmen and Congresswomen since 2004. If it turns out that they have, in fact, been engaged in criminal activities, then the next question is when did that start? Just recently, or 13 years ago?

Not only should the IT staffers be under investigation, but those who hired them have a lot of explaining to do themselves.

Source: New York Post

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