Look Who’s Been Sentenced To 8 Years In Prison For Marrying Radical Islamic Jihadist Over Skype

When you recall situations like Stockholm Syndrome, where those who are kidnapped or held prisoner for a period of time tend to sympathize with their captors and end up defending them, it is sometimes difficult to imagine such a scenario.

In the famous Al Pacino film based on a true story, A Dog Day Afternoon, such is the case with a pair of bank robbers who bungle the heist and end up trapped inside the bank in Manhattan. Over the course of the film, those tellers and managers of the bank end up feeling sorry for the pair and even support them in their efforts to get away (which they don’t, of course).

Point is, that these are situations that may be difficult to understand from the human psyche point of view, yet feeling sorry for terrorists who are murdering innocents seems to be on a whole other level of incomprehensible human behavior. That is exactly what happened to Keonna Thomas, a mom from Philadelphia who married a cold-blooded killer over Skype with plans to go to Syria to presumably help with the further murder of innocent people!

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The Daily Caller:

A mother of two from Philadelphia is heading to jail for eight years after attempting to join the Islamic State.

Keonna Thomas, a 33-year-old mother, told the judge presiding over her case Wednesday that she was badly misled, the Associated Press reports.

Thomas pleaded guilty to attempting to provide material support to ISIS in 2016, following her arrest by FBI agents in 2015.

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Although Thomas began voicing support for terrorism as early as August 2013, she eventually moved beyond expressing support and decided to become more actively involved in the terror scene. She contacted radical cleric Abdullah el-Faisal, in order to find a jihadist husband. Notably, the New York Police Department is requesting that Jamaica extradite Faisal to the U.S. after the state issued an indictment.

Thomas adopted the name Fatayat Al Khilafah while advocating for jihadist ideology online and tried to raise money for ISIS terror activities. She once stated that being part of a martyrdom mission “would be amazing” and married an ISIS fighter over Skype named Abu Khalid al-Amriki, planning to abandon her children and join him later in Syria.

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Although her lawyers are claiming her to be completely ignorant of all that the Caliphate had offered her, it is difficult to believe in this day and age that someone with even half a brain could not know that ISIS stood for murder.

Regardless, Ms. Thomas will now give up her children to head off to prison for a span of eight years. Was this worth the price? If we hear from a terrorist, they always have the same answer: In the eyes of Allah, this is worth the fight. For Ms. Thomas, an American by birth, I’m not so sure the answer will be the same.

Source: The Daily Caller

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