They Caught Them! FBI Arrests 6 Muslim Doctors For…

Under the Obama administration, the number of Muslims arrested for fraud in any capacity was zero. But somehow, for years, Muslim doctors have been breaking federal laws and raking in tens of millions of dollars in illegal assets.

Because the system is gamed so often by nefarious characters throughout the country, it is admittedly difficult to catch all the fraud, yet when hundreds of individuals are running these rings throughout the nation, one would believe it would be a little easier to catch them, particularly when they are being so public about their new-found wealth.

In Michigan, yet again, 6 Muslim doctors have found themselves in deep trouble. A ring of over 400 individuals has been uncovered that has been committing Medicare fraud, money laundering, illegal sales of prescription meds, and pulled in over $160 million in fraudulent medical claims.

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Mad World News:

A group of Michigan doctors was in for a bit more than they bargained after deciding to take advantage of patients in quite a disturbing manner. Unfortunately for them, as soon as FBI agents learned of their dirty backroom secret, they were swiftly apprehended – and another 406 people have since been arrested in relation to the horrific crime ring.

Although similar instances have been taking place all across the country, DOJ Attorney General Jeff Sessions made sure to comment on a group of six Muslim men in Michigan after a recent mass-arrest. In all, 412 arrests were made nationwide last Thursday after federal officials learned of the sick way doctors were taking advantage of patients.

According to reports, the dirty back room dealings involved scamming Medicare out of a whopping $1.3 billion in fraudulent transactions. Doing everything from sending phony bills to Medicare to prescribing unnecessary medication, which would later be sold on the streets, it seems that President Donald Trump’s DOJ was extremely ambitious in putting an end to the abuse as quickly as possible.

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The six men arrested in Michigan are as follows:

  • Mashiyat Rashid, of Oakland County – controlled, owned or operated Global Quality, Aqua Therapy, Tri-County Physicians, Tri-State Physicians, New Center Medical, National Laboratories, and Tri-County Wellness;
  • Yasser Mozeb, of Oakland County – allegedly received payments from Global Quality and Tri-County Wellness;
  • Abdul Haq, of Washtenaw County, physician enrolled as a participating provider with Medicare for Aqua Therapy, Tri-County
  • Joseph Betro, of Oakland County, physician enrolled as a participating provider with Medicare for Tri-County Physicians and New Center Medical;
  • Tari Omar, of Oakland County, physician enrolled as a participating provider with Medicare for Tri-County Physicians.
  • Mohammed Zahoor, of Oakland County, physician enrolled as a participating provider with Medicare for Tri-County Physicians. [Source: Click on Detroit]

The defendants are charged with five counts of healthcare fraud and healthcare fraud conspiracy. Rashid and Mozeb are charged with conspiracy to defraud the United States and pay and receive healthcare kickbacks. Rashid is charged with money laundering, receipt of kickbacks in connection with a federal healthcare program and payment of kickbacks in connection with federal healthcare program.

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This is another piece of bad news for the state of Michigan, as it continues to be the site of problems in dealing with Muslim citizenry that continues to break federal laws. Just this week, the governor, Rick Snyder, signed a bill into law banning the barbaric practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and making it a felony.

As well, Dearborn, which finds itself host to one of the largest populations of Muslims in the United States, is struggling with non-assimilation issues and instances of honor killing. These are serious problems that, if not addressed soon, will turn into situations that are currently playing out in Europe.

Source:  Mad World News

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