Do You Support President Trump’s 5-Year Welfare Ban For Incoming Immigrants?

President Trump has been working with Congress on slowing down and stopping the welfare benefits leak that is hurting taxpayers all across America. For now, he has placed a plan for Congress to pass, that incoming immigrants must arrive in the United States with some job skills, as they will not be able to access welfare benefits for five years.

The idea is that, if you come into the United States with a trade, you will never need welfare benefits, thereby saving the American taxpayer millions, possibly billions of dollars.

What do you think? Do you support President Trump not only saving taxpayer dollars, but also encouraging immigrants who worked hard to fill out the paperwork legally to enter this country with a skill or trade that would benefit America as a whole?

Make your voice heard!

Do You Support President Trump's 5-Year Welfare Ban For Incoming Immigrants?

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