Muslim Woman Demands Retail Employee Uphold Sharia Law, Manager Has 5 Words For Her

Religious discussions can turn nasty, can’t they? Even with the best of intentions, emotions run high when one’s sacred beliefs are called into question. Yet that happens continually as belief systems, even in nations such as the U.S. which have little religious strife, rub up against each other causing a bit of heat.

While other faiths have this problem too, Muslims seem more likely to get offended by those who do not adhere to their faith. Perhaps there’s a bit more of a militancy among some Muslim sects and believers.

An example of this was a confrontation that occurred when a retail employee at store White House Black Market asked a Muslim woman clothed according to strict Sharia law if she would like the room temperature adjusted down for her to make her more comfortable. The Muslim woman became offended and accused the employee of Islamophobia in spite of the fact that her supervisor said the employee had not a “mean bone in her body.”

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“Yahoo! News reports that Nadia Alawa was so enraged that a retail worker asked her if she was too ‘hot’ and offered to turn up the air conditioner just for her in the nearly 90-degree heat that she is demanding a civil rights lawsuit against the clothing chain. In one of the most bitterly smug individual battles for Sharia enforcement, Nadia wants the entire business to pay dearly because the employee sincerely desired to make her as comfortable as possible.”

What we are dealing with is an employee who asked an innocent question, and a Muslim woman who wants to be offended and turned a simple gesture made in kindness into a cause for a lawsuit.

“Fortunately, Nadia states that the manager, known only as Mindy, vehemently rejected her ridiculous assumption that Carisa was Islamophobic, saying that the worker didn’t have a ‘mean bone in her body’ and that it was Nadia’s own issue if she gets offended by people expressing concern for her safety.”

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As unfortunate as it may be, this sort of thing is what make non-Muslims uncomfortable being around Muslims, as one is never quite sure what sect they might belong to or how they might react to what is meant to be an innocent comment.

“Nadia has placed a price on her head for accidentally offending a Muslim, which Nadia and the majority of Muslims believe should be against the law. Nadia responded in the comments that she has filed a civil rights complaint with the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office for ‘discrimination,’ despite the fact that the woman actually gave her special favor that wasn’t afforded to the other customers.”

While it may sound intolerant, Nadia is in the wrong country. We do not put bounties on people’s heads for any reason, let alone making an insult, even if it were intentional, which this remark appears to be anything but.

“The next day, Nadia once again took to Facebook to rally up the Sharia supporters to help her punish freedom of expression, ironically alleging that asking someone about their religious attire is ‘bigoted.’ In fact, she hypocritically references her own right to ‘peaceful expression of opinion’ which she does not believe anyone else should have when it comes to Islam.”

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As it turns out this offended Muslim woman has some interesting connections through her family, and this explains a lot.

“Nadia’s daughter, Laila Alawa, is backing her mother’s claims and cleverly exaggerating the implications of such an event. Disturbingly, Laila is the founder of The Tempest, a pro-Islam propaganda outlet that pushes for Sharia law under the guise of equality and anti-Islamophobia. Additionally, Laila is directly linked to Sharia advocate and anti-Semite Linda Sarsour, who recently made headlines for urging non-violent Muslims and devout terrorists to wage ‘jihad’ against President Donald Trump.”

That fairly well explains it. Anyone who is familiar with Linda Sarsour knows that she is a staunch advocate for the establishment of Sharia Law in America. This is what she apparently sees as her life’s mission. With this, toleration for other religious faiths goes out the window as does the U.S. Constitution, traditional American culture, and the hope of living harmoniously with others. None of these are things Sarsour will tolerate, let alone support.

What’s to be done? Nadia should be ignored, and her case should be laughed out of court. There is no place in America for those who sow hostility such as Nadia and Laila Alawa or Linda Sarsour. Nor is there a place for those whose practice of their religion places such onerous and unreasonable demands on others.

Source: Mad World News

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