48% Of Americans Say Trump Needs To Cut Legal Immigration In Half — Do You Agree?

Under Barack Hussein Obama, the Refugee Resettlement program that was in full swing by the middle of 2016 had been ramped up and accelerated for the purposes of increasing the number of refugees granted permission to enter the US under the auspices that they were coming here from war-torn areas of the world where persecution was their motivation for leaving their homes.

That argument began to crumble in mid-2016 when it was being discovered that by and large the “refugees” pouring into Europe and many to the US and Canada were fighting age men of 18-28 years old. Many were married, leaving behind their wives and children. Still others were actively affiliated with ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood.

That has catapulted numbers in polls to disagree with Liberals regarding refugees and the granting them of permanent residence status. Recently, a poll indicated that 58% of those surveyed felt the need for a cap placed on the number of refugees in the US who could be granted permanent residence! Alongside that, 48% of Americans believe that Trump should cut legal immigration in half by 2027. In short, the RAISE Act that Trump is promoting through Congress is getting two thumbs up! Why? Because, America FIRST!

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Independent Journal Review:

58 percent agree with putting a cap on the number of refugees offered permanent residency, while 60 percent support establishing a “points system” based on criteria like English proficiency and prospective salary.

Other issues received a plurality of support. 48 percent are in favor of cutting legal immigration in half by 2027, and 45 percent support cracking down on permanent residents petitioning the government to supply family members with green cards.

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Morning Consult co-founder and Chief Research Officer Kyle Dropp said in the polling piece. “The reason for this is ostensibly that Republican support is more consolidated than Democratic opposition. For example, 73 percent of Republican voters support reducing the number of legal immigrants, compared to 57 percent of Democrats who oppose that idea.”

NumbersUSA, an immigration reduction organization, “wholeheartedly endors[es]” the RAISE Act. In a statement provided to Independent Journal Review, president Roy Beck wrote that it “will do more than any other action to fulfill President Trump’s promises as a candidate to create an immigration system that puts the interests of American workers first.”

“American voters overwhelmingly want far less immigration,” Beck added, “because they know mass immigration creates unfair competition for American workers.”

At the same time, the Politico/Morning Consult poll found that voters who believed that legal immigrants “strengthen our country because of their hard work and talents” outnumber two to one those who say immigrants “are a burden on our country because they take our housing, health care and jobs.”

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The poll numbers are strongly in Donald Trump’s and his supporters’ favor. These numbers prove, too, what Republicans have been saying for a while, that they are not opposed to immigration…legal immigration. What they have a problem with is border-jumping and illegal alien invasion. As well, the refugee problem has only seemed to worsen when no criteria are applied to those seeking asylum.

When it comes down to it, the only people who end up on the losing end of poor refugee and immigration legislation are the American voters and taxpayers. Their workforce is also cut in half when illegals and refugees enter the country in such high numbers as to flood the job market. The American worker loses in the end and there’s no one in government who seems to want to stand up for them. Until President Trump.

Source:  Independent Journal Review

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