Federal Judge Has Just 4 Brutal Words For Sanctuary California City, Trump’s Jaw Drops

It’s often so easy to focus on failed initiatives and problems that seem insurmountable that we neglect to see the victories along the way. No doubt this was true not only in the early days of World War II, but also in the weeks following the invasion of Normandy.

While we are not addressing a military conflict here fortunately, the battle nevertheless rages. And it’s a battle for the soul of America. Will we retain our connection to the principles so eloquently displayed in the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights? Or will we allow the left to employ its favored tools of cultural and moral relativism to upend this nation and create some twisted version of a European socialist welfare state or perhaps even an Islamic state?

We are a nation of laws. And when the rule of law as descended from and informed by our Constitution is violated, we lose part of our identity as Americans. In a real sense, to the degree that we let current legislation, executive orders, and jurisprudence deviate from our founding documents, our country dies, if ever so slightly. If allowed to continue and compound, America will ultimately exist in name only.

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The perfidious desire of the left to fundamentally change the political foundations of our country is well illustrated by their duplicitous pursuit of the violation of our immigration laws. They claim to be caring people, and perhaps some are. But the real agenda is to use immigration as a tool to stack the electorate in order to change America into a different nation and culture where many of the freedoms we enjoy are made illegal.

Fortunately, in that battle there are some victories for traditional America. We are familiar with President Trump’s executive orders to ban funding from so-called sanctuary cities which are nothing more than places where illegal aliens are housed until they can be used as the next batch of left-wing voters. In Richmond, California, President Trump’s executive order has been sustained by the decision of a federal judge against an assault by that city, stating “its claims are unripe.” Chalk up a win for America!

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“The city of Richmond, California is learning the hard way that President Trump’s executive order, ‘Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States,’ is the law of the land in their city after a federal judge dismissed their case challenging the constitutionality of the order.”

The judge’s decision was very plain, and precisely what the left does not want.

“The decision, which was handed down on Monday, dismissed the case because it ‘lacks standing to assert claims against the Executive Order and that its claims are unripe.’

“Furthermore, the brief explained:

“Given the lack of a real-world controversy between Richmond and the federal government regarding Richmond’s sanctuary policies, and in contrast with the Counties, Richmond has failed to demonstrate that it has a well-founded fear of enforcement under the Executive Order.”

Of course, there were those in Richmond who protested the decision. If you’d like to see one type of protest that happens in California, here’s your chance. At least this one was not violent, although we would disagree that their position has anything to do with the establishment of and support for justice.

One point that seems to be missing from this debate over illegal immigration involves the reason for the desire of these immigrants to migrate to the United States. In other words, why are these people choosing to come here in the first place?

One conventional answer is that they seek a better life for themselves and their families in America. Fair enough. And that’s a fine reason. In fact, it’s a reason used by immigrants for coming to America for many generations past. Immigrants who were welcomed into our country, who became productive and fine citizens, and who assimilated into American society. A win for everyone.

But what we have here is very different. And it creates a problem for the cultural relativists on the left, especially when the immigrants come from cultures such as those in Islamic lands that bear very little similarity to America’s. That problem is that the leftists must answer these questions: If the culture these migrants have chosen to flee is so important to them, why leave? Or at least, why flee to a nation whose culture is so very different?

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Cultures develop based on the principles that are held sacred, or at least vital to the people. If these illegal immigrants are rational individuals, why would they not want to imitate early immigrants to America and assimilate into American culture as opposed to demanding the installation of the very cultures from which they have chosen to leave?

This all might be considered to be insensitive, but it points out the inconsistency of those who are migrating to Germany, Italy, France, the U.K., and America who wish to create within those countries enclaves with laws and cultural norms the same as the lands from which they have fled.

Could it be that those very cultural norms and legal structures in their former lands leave much to be desired? This is not a racial issue since it cuts across different races. But it is a debate that impacts the sort of society in which one will live.

America is very different from the lands from which many immigrants have departed. There is a place for those who come here legally and wish to be supportive of and assimilate into our society.

If they believe other ways of life that are utterly inconsistent with American traditions, laws, and culture to be superior to that found in America, that’s fine. They are fully entitled to pursue that lifestyle, but not at the expense of what exists in the United States.

After all, it’s a big world, and it offers a multitude of cultures and lifestyles to be explored.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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