15 Illegal Immigrants ARRESTED…You’ll Be Stunned To See What Sick Thing They Did!

It’s hard to imagine that there was once a time in the not so distant past when people didn’t have identification cards. Now we are inundated with the things. And not all of them are physical objects either.

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The internet has ushered in an age where having a means to identify that you are who you claim to be is essential. Whether it’s access to email or financial transactions, our lives depend on the the means by which we secure our identities and all that is attached to that.This has opened up the opportunity for criminals to search for ways to steal our identity, and often our money by so doing. Given the needs that attach to being an illegal alien, we should not be surprised that identity theft is a means some use to fund their lives in the U.S.

Fifteen illegal aliens have just been caught using stolen Social Security numbers to get jobs. “While the 15 illegal immigrants were working at the LNG construction company site in Cameron, Louisiana, federal and state agents showed up to arrest the men, primarily from Mexico, for alleged identity theft, according to the Department of Justice (DOJ).”

The illegal immigrants are:

  • Miguel Roblero-Morales, 36-years-old, of Guatemala
  • Mario Arnulfo Pantaleon-Castaneda, 30-years-old, of Guatemala
  • Luis Angel Pulido Cervantes, 29-years-old, of Mexico
  • Joel Pulido-Gutierrez, 27-years-old, of Mexico
  • Juan Manuel Zavala-Leon, 30-years-old, of Mexico
  • Rigoberto Romo Martinez, 41-years-old, of Mexico
  • Jose De Jesus Vega-Gutierrez, 31-years-old, of Mexico
  • Juan Alexis Juarez-Coto, 46-years-old, of Honduras
  • Felix Jiminez-Ruiz, 25-years-old, of Mexico
  • Jose Gutierrez-Valencia, 27-years-old, of Mexico
  • Bernardo Hernandez-Gallo, 37-years-old, of Mexico
  • Elizar Alvarez-Barajas, 43-years-old, of Mexico
  • Roberto Carlos Cruz Cruz, 28-years-old, of Mexico
  • Guily Tenorio-Sierra, 21-years-old, of Mexico
  • Arturo Rebollar-Osorio, 34-years-old, of Mexico

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Of course, they not only stole Americans’ Social Security numbers, but also the jobs that should have gone to those legally entitled to be in the United States.

“The 15 illegal immigrants were indicted by a federal grand jury for identity theft, accusing the men of ‘using social security numbers of actual citizens, and making false claims of United States citizenship in order to obtain jobs at the facility over the past three years,’ the statement read.”

And then we are treated to information that is far too often typical in these cases: “Some of the illegal immigrants indicted in the case had previously been deported and are now facing further immigration violations for returning to the U.S.”

Will it ever dawn on our liberal friends that their open immigration and sanctuary city policies are actually working to the detriment of those who unwittingly elected them? Probably not. They seem utterly unable to see the reality of the situations they are creating.

Their alleged generosity is actually stealing from the citizens of this nation.

Source: Breitbart

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