1,444 Illegals Just Escaped Deportation Indefinitely, All Because Of One Liberal

Once again we are forced to endure the judicial tyranny that endangers the people of the United States by obstructing the enforcement of immigration laws. This has become an epidemic in American jurisprudence, and it demands that the Supreme Court issue rulings to reign in these out of control judges who are doing so much to endanger the people of this country.

Liberal judges typically see their role as one of legislating from the bench, although they will not admit to their acts being characterized as such. It’s just that they are compelled to go beyond determining what the law means and its proper application, and instead applying a flexible approach to interpretation, one that permits them to adapt the law to what they see as current cultural and legal imperatives. It’s dangerous.

U.S. District Judge Mark Goldsmith has granted the petition of the ACLU which has had the effect of blocking the deportation of 1,444 Iraqi illegal immigrants. None of this outrage comes as much of a surprise as our nation seems to be plagued by leftist judges who are eager to attack the nation’s immigration laws, and as a result, the safety of Americans.

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“U.S. District Judge Mark Goldsmith granted late Tuesday a preliminary injunction that lawyers from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) had previously requested on behalf of a group of the Iraqis, reports CBS News. He said the suspension would give the illegal immigrants time to appeal their orders of removal, which immigration authorities suddenly enforced following a decision by Iraq in March to once again accept repatriation of its citizens.

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“In a 24-page order, Goldsmith argued that the government’s interest in deporting the Iraqi illegal aliens, many of whom are Kurds or Chaldean Christians, does not outweigh concerns that they could face persecution in their native country.”

So now we are to understand that the enforcement of our laws is determined not by whether they are constitutional or properly enacted, but on federal judges’ opinions of conditions in other countries. Hence if the government of another country acts in a way that the US courts find offensive, we cannot enforce immigration laws against individuals from those countries who have arrived here illegally.

“There are 1,444 Iraqi nationals who have final deportation orders currently living in the U.S., reports Reuters. Immigration and Customs Enforcement detained about 200 of them, mostly in the Detroit metro area, during a targeted operation in June. All of those arrested had previous criminal convictions, many for serious crimes ranging from homicide to weapons and drug charges, according to ICE officials.”

So we are sheltering violent criminals from the possibility of their encountering unpleasant people in their home country. What’s wrong with this picture?

As it turns out, that’s not even a concern.

“‘This court and petitioners rely primarily on conditions in ISIS-controlled territory to establish harm, but no alien would be removed to that part of Iraq,’ Department of Justice lawyer William Silvis said in a court filing last week, according to CBS News.”

And the battle to get the courts to establish justice in our nation continues.

Source: Daily Caller

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