Taxpayers Stunned To Learn That $135 BILLION Of Their Money Has Been Spent On…

Do they still have those signs along the highways when construction or repairs are underway that say, “Your tax dollars at work?” Roads are a popular spending item. Everyone agrees that we need them, and for once, it’s tough to get into a political battle over fixing potholes, at least when compared with issues like healthcare or border security.

Unlike highways, it’s very unlikely that the government is going to be posting any signs any time soon that publicize the amount of money spent to support the abortion industry or illegal immigration. Much more preferable to just spend the money and hope to keep the amounts out of the public view. Thus, the agenda is advanced without ruffling feathers.

Well, we are going to hang out the sign here. It would read something like, “$135 billion of your tax dollars at work providing benefits for illegal immigrants and their children.” Surprised by the amount? Probably not. We’ve gotten so used to billions of dollars being thrown around, that the shock value is almost gone. The snag is that this sort of spending cannot go on indefinitely, and when government finances finally slam into a brick wall, things could turn ugly. So it would be a huge help if the government would enforce the immigration laws.

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“Illegal immigrants and their children eat up $135 billion in public funds every year, according to a report that examines the fiscal impact of unauthorized immigration in the U.S.

“The study, released Wednesday by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), is one of the most comprehensive analyses of the costs of illegal immigration to date. It concludes that illegal immigration is a “staggering and crippling” drain on the public treasury.

“Governments at the federal, state and local levels spent a total of $134.86 billion on illegal aliens in 2016, according to FAIR estimates.

“At the same time, tax contributions by illegal immigrants did not come close to offsetting expenditures. Governments at all levels collected just $18.97 billion in taxes from illegal aliens, meaning that illegal immigration was responsible for a net fiscal drain of $115.89 billion last year.”

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The federal government is the only entity that can just go on spending without regard for whether revenues will be generated to cover expenses. Of course, it has access to a money printing press, for now. And it can ram bonds down the throats of foreign nations to help pay for its profligacy, for now. How long that can go on remains to be seen.

But even state governments that do not have the ability to create money to pay bills are in on this disgraceful waste.

“While illegal immigration and its costs are largely thought to be a federal problem, states and cities spend far more on illegal immigrants than Washington, according to the FAIR report. Illegal immigration costs state and local governments about $89 billion in 2016, almost twice the $45.8 billion in federal expenditures.”

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Unlike the federal government, the states must raise taxes, sell bonds, or cut expenses elsewhere in order to support illegal immigration. Start telling citizens that their taxes are going up or their benefits are going to be cut to support illegals, and things will turn ugly. State legislators will need to start lo0king for real employment.

Illegal immigration is a terrible drain on our finances. Even with its seemingly endless way of conjuring money, the federal government cannot continue on the path of fiscal irresponsibility forever. And the states have fewer options.

So, are our tax dollars to go to support America and Americans first? Or should we be expected to get to the end of the line behind those who chose to enter this nation illegally?

If that question is ever forced, the left will have a very bad day.

Source: Daily Caller

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