111 People Have Died In California And Have Liberals To Thank For It

The medical profession is one that is immersed in ethical issues. Call them moral issues if you like. It’s unavoidable. The profession is specifically responsible for the health care delivered to human beings and all that entails.

The cures and treatments that are continually developed are more than just remarkable. They are life-saving as well as offering relief from suffering caused by diseases and conditions that are not terminal. But death has not been cured, and is something that all will face in one form or another.

The issue is what is to be done for a suffering patient with a disease for which medial science offers no hope of a cure or even an alleviation of the suffering? Liberal California has decided that these patients have the right to choose to end their lives with the assistance of medications prescribed by a physician. In the six months the law has been in effect, 111 persons have chosen this path.

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“In the first six months since California’s right-to-die law was implemented, 111 people used it to take their own lives, according to data released Tuesday by the California Department of Public Health.

“The state’s End of Life Option Act — which went into effect on June 9, 2016 — permits patients whose doctors say they have less than six months to live to request life-ending drugs from their doctors, the Los Angeles Times reported.”

While one can understand a patient who is suffering terribly and for whom no hope of a cure can be offered wishing to end their life, this is a very dangerous line that has been crossed. This law attacks the sanctity of human life. It puts doctors in the position of needing to make that six-month life expectancy decision as well as prescribing the drugs that the patient can self-administer which essentially amounts to physician-assisted suicide.

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“The health department also noted that of the 111 individuals who died, 87.4 percent were 60 or older, 96.4 percent had health insurance, and 83.8 percent were receiving hospice or palliative care.”

It’s a terrible observation to make, but as health care costs soar, could this law and its attendant procedures be used to encourage someone to take their own life for financial reasons? It’s possible. And it is one that has been brought up.

“Alexandra Snyder, an attorney with Life Legal Defense Foundation and an opponent of the right-to-die law, told the Times that California has effectively decriminalized assisted suicide. She also argued that the law offers no way to determine whether a patient was coerced into taking life-ending drugs.”

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Watching a loved one suffer is a horrible thing. And of course the sufferer is in misery as well. With emotions at extreme levels, is this really a decision anyone is competent to make? Even more importantly, is this a decision anyone has the right to make?

We live in a time when the sacredness of human life is in decline. This is happening at both the beginning and ending of human lives. With respect for those who wish to end suffering, this is not the way to do it.

Source: The Blaze

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